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It is often said that a company is only as good as it’s people. It is for this reason that Rankin Training Solutions is committed to empowering South Africans with exeptional, hands-on training and development in the mechanical industry.

Specialising in the recruiting and training of:
– Diesel Mechanics
– Earthmoving Mechanics
– Plant Mechanics
– Forklift Mechanics

Training Courses

Training Solutions:


Learnership and Apprenticeship
Course Training

Diesel Mechanic Field
Earthmoving Mechanic Field
Forklift Mechanic Field


Learnership and Apprenticeship Management


Short Skills Courses –
Artisan Training

Basic Electrical Course
Basic Hydraulic Course
Basic Maintenance


Forklift Driver Training


Earthmoving Equipment Driver
Operator Training


PLUS! Accommodation is available
for all out-of-town studets

Rankin Solutions Training is comitted to empowering people on the African continent through attaining knowledge and skills


About Rankin Training Solutions:

Rankin Training Solutions CC has over 36 years’ experience and service in the Mechanical Industry, Material Handling Equipment, Development of Machine Driver Operators, as well as in managing, training and developing Apprentices, Learners and Artisans.

The formation of the company arose out of the great need for training and skills development in our countries workforce.

Rankin Training Solutions CC has a MERSETA Certificate of Accreditation, Seta Number- 17-QA/ACC/0354/09, and Certified Assessor- 17-QA/ASS/1314/07 and Certified Training Certification as required by the ETDP-SETA 925045QL

Our Promise:

To empower people on the African continent through attaining knowledge and skills.

Our Mission:

To deliver accredited training solutions that will improve the capabilities of our customer’s workforce thus enhancing the values of their companies.

Our Vision:

To be an informed, accredited and knowledge provider to the workforce of the African continent so that their ability and productivity will improve.

What our clients have to say:

“Rankin Training Solutions has been a service provider to Barloworld Handling since 2008. During this time Marcel Rankin has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy business partner. He is very dedicated and professional in the way that he handles the training of our Apprentices.

Marcel handles the full process for us from assisting with the recruitment process, through to the registration process at the MERSETA and the final application for the trade test. Marcel spends quality time with each Apprentice on a monthly basis to monitor progress and to ensure that they got the correct exposure. Feedback is given on a regular basis to management. Rankin is a true business partner through many years of service.” – C Esterhuysen, Coutry HR Manager, Barloworld Handling.

Our BEE Status:

Rankin Training Solutions CC is a 100% BEE owned company. An independent BEE rating agency has carried out an independent audit on the company BEE status

BEE Status Level: Level 1


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